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Bella's Pizza Reading PA

Large Cheese Pizza

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Bella's Pizza Reading PA

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2 Large Cheese $22.99!

Every Day Special! Large Grandma Pizza & Large Cheese Pizza

Only $25.99!

The Best Pizza in Wyomissing

Bellas’s Subs & Pizza located in Berks County, PA is dedicated to using only the freshest ingredients when making our dishes. Bella’s Subs & Pizza only cooks authentic Italian dishes using recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Allow our family at Bella’s to cook for you and bring you a little taste of Italy right to your door. Try our famous Grandma’s Pizza or one of our delicious homemade pasta dishes or a unique salad. Also try some of our homemade soups, made fresh daily. No matter what you decide to eat, when you eat at Bella’s, you are eating the best pizza and Italian food Berks County has to offer.

Bella's Sicilian Pizza Reading PA
Bella's Pizza Reading PA

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Tony Bella's Subs Pizza Reading PA

About Bella’s

Bella’s Subs & Pizza located in Wyomissing, PA in the heart of Berks County is known for making authentic Grandma-style Pizza and other Italian favorites. Grandma’s Pizza is essentially a style of homemade pizza made by someone’s grandmother, or Nonna as in Italy. It’s a thin-style pizza that is crispy on the bottom with a bubbly cheese top.

Tony Pugliese, the owner said “Customer’s see me making this and they want to try it. People like this Pizza because they remember their grandmother’s making it at home.” Pugliese was born and raised in Naples, Italy and it’s obvious when you taste his food. He brings in old recipes passed down through generations that he learned as a child in his own mother’s kitchen.

Bella’s also serves up some delicious traditional Italian pasta specialties as well as unique salads and their original sandwiches. Dine-in at our Cafe, have it delivered, or pick it up at our restaurant located in Wyomissing. Either way, you are sure to be pleased and coming back for more.

– Antonio Pugliese

Bella's Subs Pizza Reading PA

Bella's Subs & Pizza

1912 State Hill Road
Wyomissing, PA 19610


(610) 376-2033
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